Indian Motorcycle Museum Dubrovnik

The Collection

Learn about the History and the Design Development of Commercial, Racing and Military Motorcycle in America.

Whether you’re an Indian Motorcycle enthusiast or simply a petrol-head, make sure to visit. Our museum houses a stunning collection of 31 of the world’s oldest and rarest Indian motorcycles. From the iconic Chief and Scout models to the legendary Roadmaster and Scout. Each bike tells a story of engineering excellence and timeless design. Explore the sleek curves and powerful engines that have made Indian motorcycles a symbol of freedom and adventure for generations. In the museum, you can find the 1:1 motordrome segment, representing how motorcycle racing looked 100 years ago. You will also learn more about the innovators and visionaries who pushed the boundaries of what was possible on two wheels, from legendary riders to pioneering engineers. In addition to our impressive lineup of Indian motorcycles, our museum also features interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations that delve deeper into the rich heritage of the brand.

War-time Motorcycles

Explore 5 different Indian motorcyles that were build in used in the war-time era.

First American Motorcycle

The museum's exhibition starts with the oldest, and which is also the first one made by Indian motorcycle..

Board-Track Racers

We built our segment of the board track, where we can present two of the racing motorcycles.


Embark on a thrilling journey through the evolution of one of the most iconic brands in motorcycling history. Dive into one of the world's biggest private collections of Indian motorcycles and explore decades of brand innovation and craftsmanship. You'll learn everything about the history and design development of racing, commercial, and military motorcycles since 1904. So whether you're an Indian Motorcycle enthusiast or simply a petrol-head, make sure to visit.

Meet Samo Rančigaj

The Owner of the Collection

My name is Samo Rančigaj, and I am a Indian motorcycle collector. I come from Slovenia, Europe, where I had been collecting and restoring Indian Motorcycles for the last 40 years of my life. My collection is a result of labour and life-passion that has been dedicated to Indian motorcycles. I have been thinking about opening my own motorcycle museum for quite some time but never got the right chance. But now, an incredible opportunity opened up to me, when my partner from Dubrovnik offered me a space. It is 200 square meters of space in the ground floor of the fascinating 500-year-old monastic building (Monastery of st. Clarisa), in the old city center of Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

Best motorcycle museum i visited so far, because its designed different and definately worth the ticket price.
David Mitosavljević
Travel with bicycle
Fantastična zbirka in nekaj izjemno redkih motociklov. Kustos Dom je bil v veliko pomoč. Zelo priporočam obisk.
Some of the motorcycle in the collection are so rare they can be seen only here in dubrovnik. I higly recommend the visit!
Lidia OBB